About game NFT-Cards Roadmap Company

Our history

Hello, we are a team of developers from Russia.

We have been doing web development since 2015, the three of us started in a small town in the south of Russia. And to some extent, each of our team has the features of the main character of our game - Bob.

For 8 years we have grown from regional customers to companies that supply products around the world.

We got bored in this area and we want to enter the game dev industry with all our might. Our credo is to bring everything to the end!

At this moment we are whitelisted at AtomicHub.

We believe in the best and hope for your support!


Monday - Friday

09:00 UTC - 17:00 UTC


Name of Owner / Managing Director: Valentin Chernitsyn

Company name: LLC "DREAMERS"

Registration number: 122340000967

Address: Russian Federation, Volzhskiy, 24 KIROVA STREET, 125

Zip code: 404122